Film Processing

Color Film Processing and Printing

There are a lot of people out there who still like the look of film. The softer tones and shadow detail often cannot be produced by today's digital cameras. At Finishing Touch, we process and print 35mm, 120 & 220 color film on site. Stop in today or click on the mail order form to send your film directly to us. We will process and mail back to you within a few days.

Film Ordering Made Easy!

If you are mailing us your film, please fill out the mailing form and include in your order. We will contact you for payment once we receive the order.

C-41 Film Developing

35mm PRICE
Film developing only 35mm $10.00
Develop and CD only $12.00
Exposures 1 set of 4x6 2 sets of 4x6
24 $14.20 $20.00
36 $17.80 $25.00
Add CD $3.00
Medium Format PRICE
120 Develop only $10.00
220 Develop only $15.00
120 Develop & CD only $16.00
220 Develop & CD only $25.00
5x5 prints $0.50 each at time of processing
2 ¼ reprints $3.00 each
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